"THE BEST THERE IS!!!!! I was involved in a wreck with my two children and we were referred to Kenneth DeJean by my father who has always used him and has always had great results. Mr. Ken is very, very good at what he does and he's got experience, knowledge and always keeps you informed of what is going on in your case. He is by far the best attorney in Lafayette and probably all of Louisiana. He knows the law and he knows what's right and what he is doing. I highly recommend him to anybody that would ever ask me what attorney to go to. You will make the right decision if you go with Mr. Ken. He is not just my attorney, but he has become a friend."

Alysia B.

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Carla S.

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Sarah S.

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Bethany R.

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Nick S.

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Stephen E.

Highly recommended. This law firm practices under the highest standards, especially with regards to ethics, responsiveness, efficiency, and respect towards clients as well as other legal representatives and colleagues. Each case is managed with integrity and concern, yet maintains a unique local welcome and comfort. If your case requires legal expertise outside their practice or if there are circumstances which may be a conflict of interest, Mr. DeJean will be honest and refer you through their extensive network of like-minded high quality colleagues who can assist you with your particular case needs. Mr. DeJean, and all of his staff, will work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of your case is managed properly, and advising with an honest integrity about the realities of every situation and client expectations in making decisions along the course of your case. This practice has helped me above and beyond my expectations, and reassured my faith in the legal community, especially after having dealt with some of the legal professionals that give it such a bad name. Strongly consider contacting this firm for any of your legal needs.